Kanbay Kisheer Sagar Pushkar

Kanbay (Ksheer Sager (Lord Vishnu's Residence) is situated in Pushkar forest,(pushkararanya) bank of the river Nanda (Saraswati) 08 K.M away from Pushkar town. Here Lord Brahma took birth from Lord Vishnu's navel lotus. Lord Vishnu killed two demon Madhu and Kaitabh and he gave order Lord Brahma to perform penance (self mortification). After self mortification Lord Brahma created the world. Lord Vishnu came

again on the earth as a Aditi's son. To set an example He (Lord Vishnu) performed penance ( Self mortification) for ten thousand years on one leg. Lord Shiva also came with him and He (Lord Shiva) performed penance (Self mortification) for nine thousand and one hundred years. Lord Som (The Moon) performed penance (Self mortification) for one thousand years. God of Fire (Agni Dev) performed penance for four thousand years. The Yaksha Pushp mitra performed penance for one thousand years and he became Kuber ( God of Money).

Sheshnag performed penance hanging on the tree for one thousand years without taking any food . Himwan performed penance for eleven hundred years . In this area Saraswati (Nanda) does the chanting of Vedas Which can be understood by only highly spiritual person. Aditya

1. (The Sun) ,Vasu, Rudra, Marudgana, Ashvini Kumar Gandharva, Kinner, Nag & Varun they all performed penance in this area.

2. At the end of the Satyuga Lord Brahma organized Yajya in pushkar. Lord Vishnu stayed at Kanabay (Ksheersagar). And he protected the complete activities of the Yagya. Here in Kanbay secret and Silent prayer and worship has done by lord Brahma. He also performed circumlocution of 72 K.M. (24 Kosi Parikrama) silently.

3. When Lord Rama came in Pushkar with Sita and Laxman. They also stayed here and performed penance for one month secretly & Silently.

4. At the time of Lord Krishna incarnation once two prince Hans and Dimbak came in Pushkar. They became very powerful because of Lord Shiva's boon. They tortured hermit Durvasa.Although Durvasa was powerful hermit but he knew the Lord Shiva's boon to Hans and Dimbak. So he went to Dwarika and narrated the whole story to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna challanged both princes and invited to fight in Pushkar Forest Lord Krishna came with his army and brother Baldav While Hans and Dimbak came with their friend Vicharkra ( A great powerful demon ). A big war was fought . Eighty seven thousands Elephants and three hundred million horses were killed in this war. At last Lord Krishna killed the demon Vichakra with a Agniban (fiery arrow) . Hans and Dimbak ran away to Mathura . Lord Krishna went their and killed them . He came back here in pushkar. All hermits with Durvasa worshiped Lord Krishna the day was Lord Krishna's Birthday (Krishan janmastmi) from that day in Kanbay (Ksheersagar) the celebration is continue yet for last five thousand years. When all hermits and holy men (Rishi and munies) requested him Lord Krishna made promise to come in Pushkar Fair with Radha. People belives that Lord Krishna comes every year in Pushkar Fair with Radha.

5. Vedvyas (Krishna Daiwapayan ) who himself an incarnation of Lord Vishnu made his residence (Ashram) Near Kanbay at the bank of Nanda. He wrote purans and divided the Vedas here. Rishi chyawan (A hermit) who performed penance the sun here. He made his residence (Ashram) near Kanbay and the sun came here therefore the people know this area as a Soorajkund Village.

6. Prachi Nanda Sarswati Junction (Sangam) : This area started from Kanbay and goes up to Mandka (Nand) . At the time of yajya third day Lord Brahma told the people to go and take holy bath in sangam in pushkar forest. This sangam area situated in western part of pushkar where is dense dates plants forest. This sangam area lenth is 4 k.m. from Kanbay to Nand . Here is most ancient statue of Lord Shiva near Makareshwar and Lord Vishnu's oldest statue of the world in Kanbay. Near here at the bank of the Nanda river seven hermits (Sapt Rishi's) residence (Ashrams) were situated . The Dharma ( relgion) came himself here and gave boon to Nanda (Saraswati) therefore this area became holy place .

According to Purans the people who donate land and gold here they get eternal ( Akshaya fal) and get success every where. The people who take holy bath in Nanda and Ksheer sagar and worship Lord Vishnu with Laxmi they get prosperous life. And Lord Vishnu fulfils the desire of every devotee.

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